At Barkfield Animal Hospital and Mobile Animal Care Clinic, we provide routine and non-routine surgeries in both our mobile clinic and hospital. With our surgical experience you can rest assured your pet’s emergent needs will be met efficiently.

  • Surgical Services

    Veterinarians and surgical support staff will be there when your pet needs them the most. We have years of experience to provide you exceptional healthcare for your beloved pet, our surgical services include:

    • Routine spay, neuter, and mass removals

    • Foreign body surgeries

    • Intestinal obstructions

    • GDV or Bloat

    • Bleeding abdominal mass removal

    • Traumatic emergency surgery, penetrating wounds

    • Urinary obstruction surgery among others

One of our top priorities is to provide comfortable and safe environment for every pet that requires surgery, whether scheduled or emergency. From pre-surgery consult to post-surgery recovery, we are here for your pets every step of the way.

Your Pet’s Surgery

  • How to Prepare & What to Expect

    The following points should serve as a general guideline for most procedures. Your veterinarian will go over the specifics for your pet with you prior to surgery.

      • No food or water after midnight the night before surgery

      • Arrive at the hospital between 7:30 am and 8:30 am the morning of surgery for admission

      • Pre-surgical bloodwork is required for all anesthetic patients

      • Consent forms must be signed prior to surgery

      • At admission, the Doctor or technician will review your pet’s procedure with you, review the surgical consent form, explain risks, possible complications, recovery, and answer any questions.

    • Provide us with a contact phone number to reach you with updates during the day


  • During the Day

    • It is generally difficult to give you a specific time for your pet’s surgery. Scheduled surgeries are not performed in the order of arrival to the hospital, but are based on the procedures being performed that day.

    • You will receive a call from the Veterinarian after surgery is complete to give you an update on how the procedure went and what time your pet will be able to go home.

  • Going Home After Surgery

    • You will receive Discharge Instructions for your pet after surgery

    • Follow those instructions and administer medications (if needed)

    • Monitor incision site for swelling, heat, pain, redness, or discharge

    • Keep an eye on your pet’s appetite during recovery

    • Return to the hospital for a follow up appointment (if recommended)

    • Call the hospital with any questions or concerns

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