Our Staff

  • Amy Suarez General Manager

    Joined Barkfield in 2016! Amy keeps us all organized and keeping the motors running in the facility in her role as manager. She has loved animals for as long as she can remember and has always had a dog and cat of some kind growing up. Amy is a certified veterinary assistant and has been a positive reinforcement dog trainer since 2008, training shelter dogs in hopes to help them find a great forever home. She was born into a military family and has done a lot of traveling all over before settling down in Gainesville, Georgia. To say she is always up for a new and exciting adventure is an understatement! There is a special place in her heart and adoration for all pit bulls and pit mixes out there! When she is not working she is either planning her next road trip and adventure, or simply enjoying life on her little farm with her 2 pet Pygmy goats Luke and Lorelai and her ‘dog-like’ cat Young Money, hiking in the North Georgia mountains or paddle boarding on Lake Lanier with her husband and wild and crazy little pup Paco.

  • Melynda Massey Guest Services Leader

    Joined Barkfield in 2016! Melynda is what keeps our boarding and daycare flow running smoothly. She is the key component to keeping the dogs well fed, medicated, and exercised. She started as just the Guest Services associate, but with hard work and dedication has become the Lead in the back and is also fully capable of doubling as a receptionist when needed. Melynda is a Forsyth County native, for the last 11 years. This girl lives for dogs. If there wasn’t a law on hoarding dogs, she probably wouldn’t stop getting new pups! She has practically had a zoo growing up with several dogs, cats, lizards, turtles, hamsters. Growing up with a house full of all types of animals to care for is what has set her up for such success with managing the flow in the back. Outside of work she can be found relaxing at her house relaxing with her 4 dogs, Jabba, Bloo, Archie, and May. When she and her large pack aren’t playing in their back yard, she is with her pups and boyfriend playing their weekly game of baseball with their friends.

  • Jenny Thomas Veterinary Technician

    Joined Barkfield in 2017! Jenny can mostly be found on the Mobile Animal Care Clinic truck with Dr. Rob. She is a Veterinary technician who has, as she likes to say “been tech’in since 1997”. Being Dr. Rob’s technician doesn’t stop her from helping us out in our stationary clinic! Jenny is our resident ball of Sunshine, if you ever need to hear a kind word or a calming voice, just give her a call, she always has some sunshine to bring to any cloudy day! Jenny was born in Michigan but spent most of her life in Florida before moving to Georgia last June. When Jenny isn’t on the clock, you can find her hanging out with her loving husband Casey, her sweetheart son Noah, and their happy dog French Fry. They love doing any outdoor activity that involves them as a family, hiking, exploring, they even love to run in marathons together! Jenny’s love for the outdoors is what makes her so perfect for the Mobile Animal Care Clinic, each day on the truck is another adventure outdoors!

  • Tyler Bisbee Veterinary Technician

    Joined Barkfield in 2018! Tyler is our Veterinary Technician in the stationary clinic. He has been in the veterinary field for 15 years! He has worked in both general practices as well as emergency practices. He was born in Vietnam in 1975 during the Vietnam war and was brought to the United States via Operation baby Lift and was adopted into a wonderful family. Even though Tyler is new to our team, he very quickly became an important part of our core. Tyler is the definition of “Team Player”! He might not admit this himself, but Tyler has such a big heart for his team and each of the pets he helps care for! Outside of work Tyler enjoys spending time with his wonderful wife, his loving family and friends, watching college football with his buddies and traveling any and everywhere he can! Tyler and his wife are owned by a wild and wonderful pup named Roxy.

  • Tandy Seitz Inventory Manager

    Tandy has been part of the Mobile Animal Care Clinic and Barkfield team since the beginning! She lives in Cumming with her husband Tom, and their three beautiful cats Lucky, Pete, and Max. She has worked as both a veterinary technician and front office manager/reception for the last 20 years. Tandy is our Inventory Manager, which means she is the one responsible for making sure both of the clinics stay fully stocked with supplies and medications, for whatever they may need. When she is not working she enjoys spending time with her family & friends, hiking, reading, and watching movies.

  • Kayla Ledbetter Receptionist

    Joined Barkfield in 2016! Kayla started out as a Guest Services Associate, she spent a year in the kennels until she became a receptionist. She keeps us going by always bringing her expert knowledge of our dogs and super positive attitude to work every day! She has owned all types of pets from dogs and cats to hamsters and iguanas. Kayla likes to consider herself to be ‘home grown’, she was born and raised in Gainesville, GA. Her biggest goal in life is to one day own a golden doodle, she has never met one she didn’t pet! When Kayla isn’t spreading her positivity around the facility, she can usually be found lounging around watching movies with her two pups Browning and Lulu, planning her next festival outing or cruise, or out on her boat enjoying the water with her husband, pups, and nieces. This girl is the very definition of “if my dogs cannot come, I am not going!”. Her mission in life is to simply, pet all the puppies.

  • Donna Benson Guest Services

    Joined Barkfield in 2017! Donna is our full time Guest Services associate. She is easily the most dependable and reliable employee, and we are so lucky she is such a large part of our team! We can always count on Donna and that is worth more than gold to us! Donna grew up alongside her grandpa who was a veterinarian. He also had a farm, so Donna is no stranger to helping care for goats, sheep, horses and dogs. She is a Georgia native, currently residing in Gainesville. When Donna isn’t working, she is usually at the lake with her main pup Duke, or just outside wandering around letting Duke smell all the smells. She also loves to spend time with her family. One of her hidden passions is photography, mainly she loves taking pictures of her pup, but sometimes she takes the occasional photo of her family. Donna also has a passion for farm animals, she hopes to one day have her own little farm of goats!

  • Jarred Benvenuto Guest Services

    Joined Barkfield in 2016! Jarred has been with us for two years, it has been fun for us as a work family to watch him grow and succeed in academics, from high school to now, college. He is our own class clown here at Barkfield. If you need a laugh or a smile, Jarred is your guy! He is the politest guy around and always more than willing to lend a helping hand! Jarred was born in Kazakhstan in 1999. He was adopted as an infant by a wonderful family, and they live in Dawsonville together. Jarred was a runner in school, so naturally his favorite animal is a cheetah. Jarred has two pups of his own, Dallas and Bristol. One day he is hoping he will be able to legally also own, a cheetah. When Jarred isn’t working or in school you can typically find him at the lake with his friends or running 5k’s for fun.

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