Medicine & Lab Work

Medicine & Lab Work

We have years of experience and latest technology to carry out reliable lab work and prescribe medicines to your pet in the most trusted fashion.Providing full diagnostics services, we are equipped with state of the art Heska blood machines and also partner with Antech Laboratory to conduct special tests as needs arise.

  • Disease Diagnostic

    • Gastroenteritis

    • Pancreatitis

    • Cushing’s disease

    • Addison’s disease

    • Hypothyroidism

    • Hyperthyroidism

    • Diabetes

    • Kidney disease and more…

  • Lab Work

    We run an in-house lab to diagnose many diseases. There are certain tests which we cannot conduct in-house, to carry out these tests we have partnered with Antech Laboratory to conduct the tests. Our tests include.

    • Blood Work

    • Urinalysis

    • Fecal Analysis

    • Cytology among many others

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