Exams and Vaccines

Exams and Vaccines

Ensure Your Pet Stays Happy and Healthy with Credible Veterinary Service

Your pet’s wellness exam and vaccines are of utmost importance as a part of his/her
health program. We strongly believe in maintaining routine preventive care for pets to
ensure your pet stays in top condition, after all, a healthy pet is a happy pet.

  • Wellness Exam

    A wellness exam is performed in order to provide a baseline of your pet’s major systems and always includes a comprehensive discussion of your pet’s routine medical needs.

    • Diagnose and detect early signs of health issues

    • Complete wellness service

    • Professional and experienced staff

  • Vaccines

    Vaccinations play an important role in keeping the health of your pet intact, and have saved millions of lives. We carry out protected vaccination service for your beloved pet. We strongly believe in individualized vaccination schedules. Not every pet requires the same vaccination protocols.

    • Protection from potential diseases

    • Some vaccine titers available

    • Customized schedules

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